Good evening,

Thank you for joining us here in the historic Old State Capitol in Springfield.

It was here in Representative Hall that Abraham Lincoln delivered a speech that would change the course of history, where he proclaimed: “a House divided against itself cannot stand.”

Our history reminds us of our state’s great capacity for change – and for our limitless potential when those elected by the people put the people’s interests ahead of all else.

On eve of special session, speech to highlight need for unity on compromise balanced budget plan 


SPRINGFIELD – Governor Rauner will deliver a live address to the people of Illinois tomorrow night from the Old State Capitol in Springfield. The address will focus on unity and passing a balanced budget to put Illinois on a path to a brighter future.

SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner took action today on the following bill:

Bill No.: HB 3044

An Act Concerning Employment

Action: Signed

Effective: Immediately


Compromise Plan Includes Property Tax Relief, Job Creation, Term Limits and Spending Caps

SPRINGFIED – One day after House and Senate Republicans unveiled a compromise balanced budget plan to end the budget impasse, Governor Bruce Rauner today called lawmakers back to Springfield for a 10-day special session from Wednesday, June 21st through the June 30th fiscal year deadline.

CHICAGO - Governor Bruce Rauner today announced he has made appointments to the Illinois Court of Claims and the Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Advisory Board.

Name: Joseph Gagliardo

Position: Judge – Illinois Court of Claims

Governor Bruce Rauner announced today he has appointed Joseph Gagliardo to the Illinois Court of Claims. Gagliardo’s extensive legal expertise will be invaluable to the Court.

Joins Hegewisch Community Leaders to Discuss Business Environment

CHICAGO – Governor Bruce Rauner today joined Hegewisch business and community leaders for a neighborhood tour and roundtable discussion on how to prevent jobs from moving to Indiana because of high property taxes and burdensome regulations.

CHICAGO - Governor Bruce Rauner today announced he has made appointments to the State Board of Investment, Illinois State Police Merit Board, Illinois Criminal Justice Authority, Illinois Housing Development Authority, Illinois Criminal Justice Authority, the Employment Security Board of Review and the State Universities Retirement System Board of Trustees.


Name: Stacey Woehrle

SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner today vetoed Senate Bill 19 due to an agreement between the Department of Corrections and the Illinois Nurses Association. As a result of good faith negotiations, both sides reached an agreement on an alternative to subcontracting that was fair to taxpayers and state employees.

Governor Rauner wrote in his veto message:

Calls for real property tax relief as part of budget negotiations

As Senate Democrats prepare to vote on a bill to permanently increase income taxes, Governor Bruce Rauner today announced in a video on his Facebook page that he will not sign off on any budget agreement that increases taxes without real property tax relief.

SPRINGFIELD – The Rauner Administration released the following statement regarding the Senate’s passage of SB1. The following is attributable to Illinois Secretary of Education Beth Purvis: